What is an Auto-Attendant and Why Does Your Company Need One?

May 14, 2020

What is an Auto-Attendant and Why Does Your Company Need One?

An automatic attendant, more often called an auto-attendant, is a phone or communications system feature that is designed to work much like a digital receptionist. If you’ve ever called a place of business and heard an automated menu give you a list of options for properly routing your call, then you’ve had firsthand experience with an auto-attendant. Below, you can learn more about this increasingly important feature and how it can benefit your own business.

What Can an Auto-Attendant Do?

An auto-attendant is useful because it can provide many of the same services receptionists would provide, but it does so automatically. These services include:

      • Answering incoming calls. Auto-attendants answer incoming calls automatically, regardless of the time of day or whether phone lines are in use.
      • Provide greetings. You can program your auto-attendant with virtually any greeting imaginable, such as thanking people for calling, giving your business hours, and more.
      • Transfer and route calls. The auto-attendant can provide a menu to callers that allows them to route their calls to the right person or department by pressing the corresponding number.
      • Provide general business information. You can set up multiple auto-attendants with individual telephone numbers to do nothing more than provide information about your business or about a current promotion, then transfer that caller to the appropriate department on a specified button press.
      • Giving callers access to a directory. Auto-attendants can allow callers to search a built-in directory, even with thousands of different numbers, to call specific extensions.
      • Provide a system menu. Finally, the auto-attendant repeat information, direct the caller to an operator or even give callers the option to exit menus with specific button presses, as well.

How Can Your Company Benefit from an Auto-Attendant?

Larger companies and corporations can benefit from an auto-attendant in a few different ways. Many of today’s corporations have numerous locations, and each of these may have hundreds or thousands of employees. Offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other locations must be able to remain in contact with one another, and customers must be able to reach the departments and locations that are relevant to their needs. An auto-attendant makes this simple by giving callers a menu system designed to make reaching the proper location or department simpler.

Finally, it is also important to mention that an auto-attendant all but removes any margin of error and helps to ensure that your callers are routed to the right place every single time without accidental disconnects that can cause frustration. This improves overall customer service and provides a reputation boost over time, facilitating additional growth well into the future.

An auto-attendant is an important feature for any business. It can save you a great deal of money, improve your reputation and relationships with clients and customers, and more. The best part is that you can make changes to your auto-attendant via a user-friendly online dashboard in just a few clicks. These changes take place almost instantly to ensure that your phone system suits your business at every stage of its growth.