What is 10DLC?

September 21, 2021

What is 10DLC?

Nothing is more frustrating than receiving spam emails, phone calls, and text messages. People don’t like their days interrupted with unimportant matters. To combat spammers, email hosts protect their users with junk mail filters. The FCC has created rules and regulations, called STIR/SHAKEN, to protect voice calls. Likewise, major phone carriers created 10DLC to protect text message users.


What is 10DLC?

Simply put, 10DLC is a 10-digit long code created by mobile carriers for the purpose of business-to-consumer messaging. While you may have already used one of these numbers before to chat with friends and family on your personal phone, it is now being bought by businesses around the world who need a way to contact customers through local landline phone numbers.

Text messaging using local landlines is becoming more common in the US today. Cell phone service providers would like for this trend to continue as long as possible. Cell phone service providers believe their service should be trusted by consumers without being full of unwanted messages or sales calls (spam).

Therefore, these cell phone service providers have come together to create a set of standards and registration processes for 10DLC numbers in order to understand who is using them for A2P messaging. Businesses must also register their campaigns to show what they are using 10DLC for.


Impacts of 10DLC on business texting

In order to be compliant with the rules and regulations, companies that send A2P messages on a 10DLC phone number are required by U.S. mobile carriers to register their brand with third-party partners. Businesses sending SMS messaging are given trust scores, which determine the number of messages they can send each day.

In addition to protecting consumers from spammy messages, this messaging quota is controlled so that carriers can increase message speed and offer better deliverability. Businesses can then be sure to reach customers through text messaging marketing campaigns.

The business will experience disruption of service if they continue using their 10DLC number and do not register their brand. Certain carriers will stop supporting SMS traffic from unregistered numbers, meaning messages sent from the sender receive an error message back indicating that there is a problem with sending messages through this carrier. The message will fail, and the customer will not receive the message.


10DLC Benefits

There are benefits to your business for becoming 10DLC complaint. Not only do you get a great return on your investment, but your business phone number can be used for both voice calls and texting. Therefore, you don’t need a secondary number just for texting/SMS purposes.

Because you get to use your regular business phone line for both voice and messaging, your number will have a local area code. This can help ensure your customers receive your messages, as most people are more likely to respond to local communications.

Due to the rules and regulations, your customers are protected from spam. This helps increase the reception of your messages, as customers trust SMS more. As stated above, deliverability increases when all businesses register their SMS campaigns.


10DLC with Brightlink

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