VoIP and Your Business: How Moving to the Cloud Can Increase Revenue

May 21, 2020

VoIP and Your Business: How Moving to the Cloud Can Increase Revenue

As your business grows, your ability to communicate within your company and with your customers is important to your success. Admittedly for larger companies, the technology required to communicate effectively can become quite costly. Fortunately, cloud-based VoIP technology exists to help you cut costs, even with thousands of users, and it can even improve your revenue.

Fewer Equipment Costs

With a traditional telephone system, companies must purchase a great deal of premise-based hardware. This is required to make the most of the features and technologies available. For example, if you want to utilize an auto-attendant to answer and route calls, you need premise-based hardware at each of your locations. Conversely, when you move to a cloud-based VoIP system, your auto-attendant and other features are also cloud-based. There’s no hardware to buy and install; setting up your new system in multiple locations requires only a few clicks. And your customers will still have access to the same services and features – if not more.

Less Downtime and Less Maintenance

No hardware is fail proof. So if any part of your physical telephone or communication system fails, it causes unwanted downtime. In turn, that downtime can cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Additionally it can even have a terrible effect on your brand reputation.  What’s more, with traditional systems, software components are installed separately. Should one component fail, it can affect all the others and lead to a complete breakdown of communication. With VoIP and cloud-based communication, failures are scarce. Furthermore, maintenance is incredibly simple regardless of the number of users or locations.

Enhanced Mobility

One of the absolute best ways in which switching to cloud-based solutions can improve your revenue involves providing you with incredible mobility. Standard phone service keeps employees locked to their desks, offices, or other work spaces, and while call forwarding is an option, it can be tricky to set up. VoIP gives you access to incredibly simple communications mobility. With just a few clicks, employees can reroute calls to their home phones, mobile phones, or computers. The ability to do business from anywhere allows for better communication and customer service across all your departments and locations, thereby increasing your revenue.

More Features for Less Money

Enterprises and large companies rely on a variety of features for communications. Such as, auto-attendants, hold music, call routing, a customizable IVR, and much, much more. With traditional phone service, these features are quite costly, and in some cases, you must pay for each user or each location separately. Whereas moving to VoIP and cloud-based communications gives you access to all these features across thousands of users and multiple locations for one predictable price. The better your company can handle an influx of calls, the better.

VoIP and cloud-based communication can help your business generate more revenue in several exciting ways. Whether you’re interested in adding professional features for handling large call volumes, giving your employees the tools they need to work remotely, or setting up a newer and more powerful communication system with fewer upfront costs, VoIP is far superior to traditional telephone service.