Carriers demand ultra-fast transaction times and reliability with the ability to connect with customers throughout the world, either through traditional time division multiplexing (TDM) or internet protocol (IP). Our global network was built to serve their needs.




Over 100 peering partner interconnections servicing more than 100 countries


Over 1 million global DIDs in management


Over 100 million call transactions processed daily


Over 15 billion voice minutes processed annually

One Carrier for All Your Needs


Global network servicing over 100 countries with infrastructure in 140 US LATAs covering 32 states. Our portfolio consists of over 100 voice and data peering points.


250,000 concurrent call capacity across our network. Brightlink IP serves customers ranging from 4,000 to 4.5 million calls a day.


Direct facilities into large partner networks combined with world class performance and quality monitoring especially designed for dynamic regulatory environments.


Access anywhere, anytime. Connect to any carrier hotel or public switched telephone network (PSTN) facility with our global network, representing more than 100 countries.


In a market demanding more and more transparency from their service providers, step ahead of your competitors with our award-winning Liveview platform. Share vital network statistics with customers in real time, assign active alarming on key metrics, and efficiently analyze trends with a customizable interface. Liveview enables our carrier customers to more closely monitor and manage their networks for optimal performance.

Exceptional Network Performance

With our comprehensive service portfolio, advanced cloud technologies and unsurpassed global communications network, Brightlink IP helps its carrier customers excel. Reach your end users quickly, anywhere around the world, and watch your savings opportunities soar.

With our customized, secure communications solutions we service some of the largest carrier customers in the world, including:

  • U.S. and global wireline carriers
  • Wireless and cable management services organizations (MSOs) and wireless cable providers
  • Competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs)
  • Interconnected VOIP providers
  • Cable operators and satellite broadcasters

Our top-of-the-line technologies enhance any network, whether TDM-based or not, while our voice carrier services are designed to support voice, fax and multimedia communications for mobile, traditional and cloud-based applications. Without question, Brightlink IP provides the most robust business communications solutions available.

Unparalleled 24/7 Support

Brightlink IP’s award-winning network operations center sees and scores every single call going to or from our customers while reporting on quality of service (QoS). Twenty-four hours each day, every day, we monitor communications for abuse and fraud concerns, watching for carrier fraud patterns in order to protect our customers.

Experience the difference.