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As your one stop for all things voice, Brightlink Voice provides reliable global voice connectivity solutions that power calls for enterprises and communication providers over an industry leading IP-based network so that you can reach your customers anytime, anywhere.  

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Our full-featured global communications network is built to provide the highest levels of performance, reliability, scalability, and security.

  • Connect calls globally
  • Activate local and toll-free numbers in 70+ countries
  • Easily expand your voice needs
  • Enjoy crystal clear voice quality
  • Monitor performance with award-winning software
  • Get 24×7 personal customer service with easy-to-open tickets
  • Enable call recording
  • Pull real-time billing and voice and data records

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Case Study | Tele-Data

Tele-Data Solutions is a family-owned and operated business that helps New Jersey-based small and mid-sized businesses solve problems through VoIP phone hardware and software technology.

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With Brightlink, we gained an immediate ROI and we are able to better service our clients faster than ever before.

Vincent Finaldi, Vice President
Tele-Data Solutions

The Challenge

With competition multiplying and margins shrinking, Tele-Data had to find ways to stay relevant. Having highly trusted service providers to help drive growth and meet customer needs was crucial.

Our Approach

Tele-Data engaged Brightlink for its Enterprise Network Services solution, including voice origination and voice termination, in March 2018. They also use Brightlink’s CPaaS API to SNAPVantage, a Cloud PBX application, and utilize Brightlink Number Portal to search, buy, and port phone numbers. 

Their Results

By using Brightlink’s voice services, Tele-Data gained measurable improvements in four areas: more control, immediate speed improvements, transparency, and lower costs.

Key Products and Features

Brightlink’s full featured CPaaS platform provides you with APIs to easily integrate and access our deep platform capabilities. Our voice network lets you connect calls on a powerful and extensive global network that’s built on industry-leading infrastructure.


Our voice offerings include:

CPaaS APIs and capabilities

Inbound and outbound voice calling solutions

Local and toll-free number services

HD Audio

E911 services

Porting solutions

Caller ID Services

Voice solution bundles for enterprises

Brightlink CPaaS APIs Allow You to:

  • Search, reserve, and activate local and toll free numbers in real-time with a live inventory of more than 3 million numbers
  • Place and receive phone calls
  • Create conference bridges
  • Create a multi-user phone system (PBX) and extensions along with poling data like presence and activity for those users
  • Create contact center call queues and work flows
  • Build SIP trunks and limit usage by traffic flow, size and geography

Our APIs allow you to use elements of the Brightlink network most important to your underlying applications and services. 





100+ peering partner interconnections servicing more than 100 countries


120 million+ voice minutes processed daily

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