Reach Customers Anytime Anywhere With Cloud Voice

Voice communication is often taken for granted, but it’s the foundation of a successful omnichannel business and communications strategy. A single stop for all things voice, Brightlink Voice provides reliable global connectivity that powers calls for enterprises and communication providers over an industry leading IP-based network. With simplified pricing, our Enterprise Network Services provides you access to all of the key voice communication capabilities in one comprehensive offering. And with our Brightlink CPaaS APIs, you can also build custom voice integrations into your business applications and processes.

What You Need to Know About Voice

Reach Customers

To most effectively reach your customers, you need access to global toll-free and local numbers

Ensure Enterprise-Grade

Performance, reliability, scalability, and security are critical requirements for a voice network

Get Clarity with HD

HD voice is key for clear calls and conferencing

Monitor for Insights

Voice traffic should be easy to monitor, giving you the proper insight to manage your business

Brightlink Voice: Tap Into A Powerful Network

Our full-featured global communications network is built to provide the highest levels of performance, reliability, scalability, and security.

Connect calls globally

Activate local and toll-free numbers in 70+ countries

Easily expand your voice needs

Enjoy crystal clear voice quality

Monitor performance with award-winning software

Get 24x7 personal customer service with easy-to-open tickets

Enable call recording

Pull real-time billing and voice data records

Our Network By The Numbers

We’ve built our network from the ground up with quality partners in all 50 states and internationally so your business reaps the benefits.




100+ peering partner interconnections servicing more than 100 countries


120 million+ voice minutes processed daily

Brightlink Enterprise Network Services

Proven Solution for Essential Voice Needs

Designed to help enterprises and SMBs better engage with customers, Brightlink Enterprise Network Services provides access to key voice communication capabilities in one comprehensive bundled offering.

Brightlink Enterprise Network Services provides:

Bundled access to essential voice capabilities

Simplified, non-tiered pricing

Easy access and deployment via APIs

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What You Get With Brightlink Enterprise Network Services:

Inbound and outbound voice calling

MMS and SMS messaging

Text enablement of any phone number

Local and toll-free number services

Porting solutions

HD Audio

E911 services

Directory Listing & Assistance

Caller ID Services

Our Customers

Case Studies


“Brightlink has proven that they can consistently provide superior quality and responsiveness, especially when open items need to be tracked down and resolved.”

Patrick Harper, CTO

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PGi (Premiere Global Services, Inc.) is a multinational corporation and global provider of conferencing and collaboration solutions. Its products include audio conferencing, web conferencing, webcasting, videoconferencing, and virtual meeting solutions such as iMeet and GlobalMeet.

The Challenge

In order to support newly released access capabilities, PGi needed to reduce its per minute costs for providing outbound dialing from its conferencing bridge.

Our Approach

PGi engaged Brightlink to provide US domestic and international voice services for a large portion of their customer base starting in February 2014. Brightlink was chosen due to its robust network, responsiveness in addressing issues, ease to work with, reliable call quality, and pricing.

Their Results

PGi has improved call quality while significantly lowering outbound telecommunication costs. Due to Brightlink’s top performance in providing reliable call quality, other providers responded with heightened performance in order to remain as preferred vendors.

Optivon, Inc. develops VoIP-enabled cloud communications services and has been a leading provider of wireless and other telecommunications services in the United States and Latin America since 1988.

The Challenge

Regarded as the worst natural disaster to affect Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria devastated the island and caused the worst electrical blackout in U.S. history, leaving radars, communication networks, and power plants inoperational.

Our Approach

Since 2011, Brightlink has partnered with Optivon to provide disaster recovery network services. Brightlink was chosen due to its extensive network, world-class reliability, and stringent quality of service (QoS) standards. During the storm, Optivon was able to connect to Brightlink through their ISP.

Their Results

Although nearly all major networks went down, Optivon was able to serve their customers due to proactive planning around redundancy and scalability. Brightlink served as a main network partner for traffic re-routing, enabling Optivon to continue providing voice services to other communication service providers and end users, as well as to re-routed traffic.

“Brightlink was ready to handle any traffic going through our network during this unprecedented time. It demonstrates the importance of having a strategic network services partner who’s highly trusted. Brightlink had our back.”

Luis Romero, President
Optivon, Inc.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“As a customer, I consider Brightlink’s service levels and responsiveness to customers to be hallmarks of their success.”

Hoyt Prisock, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Conferencing at NetRoadshow

You can also custom integrate voice into your business with the

Brightlink CPaaS Platform