Tips & Trends for Enterprise IP Networks

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Tips & Trends for Enterprise IP Networks

01 February 2018 | Entrepreneur Podcast Network (EPN)

Our very own Joe White, Chief Technology Officer here at Brightlink, joined Enterprise Radio for Entrepreneur Podcast Network (EPN) to discuss not only our company’s history and plans for international expansion, but also our newest innovations designed to beat the trends and provide enterprise customers with the quality, and transparency, that they deserve.

“For a long time the enterprise customer hasn’t really had [visibility into their network]. Now they can have access to carrier-grade services without having to jump through a lot of hoops,” Joe explains. “They can receive preferred pricing and other things that were kept at arms length in the past by using the new tools and software layers we’ve put onto our voice and messaging network.”

And that was just the beginning. Listen to EPN host Eric Dye & Joe White discuss additional tips and trends for enterprise networks below, or read the article in its entirety here.