The Benefits of Managing All Your Communications Online

March 6, 2020

The Benefits of Managing All Your Communications Online

Whether your company is just getting off the ground and you’ve hired your first few employees or it’s a corporate enterprise with thousands of employees in several states across numerous countries, communication is critical to your success. Online communication management with CPaaS can improve your business in many ways, and you can learn more about these benefits below.

What is CPaaS

CPaaS, or Communications Platform as a Service, was designed to allow any company of any size to unlock their true potential and manage their businesses in a way that was not possible only a few short years ago. It gives startups and enterprises all the communication tools they need in one place and from the same provider. With it, you can gain and activate phone numbers as you need them, utilize important features like business texting, and access everything from a single dashboard that was built to support your company’s brand.

The Main Features of CPaaS

Traditional telephone services – including both landline and mobile service – create some significant limitations for businesses. CPaaS overcomes these limitations and makes communicating with others in your company or with your customers easier and more affordable than ever. The main features associated with online communication management include:

      • Voice API Manager – With the online API manager, you can easily find, reserve, and order the right toll-free numbers for your business – and you can do it in real-time. It also allows you to manage your existing phone numbers, place or receive calls, host conferences and create a PBX and extensions. If you manage a call center, you can even use the API manager to create queues and workflows.


      • Messaging API Manager – Today’s consumers prefer text messages over telephone calls, and with the messaging API manager, it’s incredibly simple to enable texting on any number you have. With text-enabled, you can send and receive SMS/MMS (even internationally), send group messages, send long messages, receive delivery receipts/confirmations, and even get delivery metrics and statistical analyses in real-time.


      • SIP API Manager – SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is a primary method for sending voice and other communications over the internet. It replaces standard copper telephone lines and acts as a virtual phone line, instead. With the SIP API manager, you can create and configure SIP trunks, reduce costs by paying for only what you use, add more channels as your business grows, increase reliability with built-in rerouting capabilities, and build or manage your SIP trunks around usage patterns like geography, size, and even traffic flow.


      • API Command Center – Finally, the API command center gives you access to a wide variety of resources and documentation to help you set up your APIs as needed. You can also use the API command center to test your connectivity and manage all your various API connections from one user-friendly dashboard.


Online communication management with CPaaS continues to grow in popularity among businesses of all sizes. It simplifies communications, saves money, and provides your employees and customers with a better, more streamlined experience across all your various channels. With the platform, you can access a prebuilt, easy-to-use web interface for all your administrative and management needs or build your own with a robust set of APIs.