Talking CPaaS and APIs with Brightlink

UC Today

Talking CPaaS and APIs with Brightlink

31 January 2020 | Moshe Beauford (UC Today)

“Brightlink’s won awards for its UCaaS solution and its VoIP offering. Its ‘Brightlink CPaaS Platform’ is also a strong contender, and is intuitive, feature-rich as well as functional.

Enterprise leaders looking to take their communication to the next level would benefit from the capabilities of Brightlink’s UCaaS solution. It is mostly because of the company’s unique approach to APIs, which are somewhat of a CPaaS enabler.

The platform lets developers and non-developers build APIs to integrate into all sorts of apps – the apps they use daily. With companies like Zeroqode and NoCodeAPI on the market providing like experiences, Brightlink still exists on a playing field of its own in the CPaaS arena.”

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