June 8, 2021


SHAKEN/STIR and STIR/SHAKEN. If you are in the communications industry, you have probably heard of these two terms. You may wonder what the difference is between SHAKEN/STIR and STIR/SHAKEN. Well, the good news is there is no difference. However, it is very important to understand what SHAKEN/STIR or STIR/SHAKEN is and what it does.

Scammers, Robo Dialers, and Spoofing 

Before we can dive into SHAKEN/STIR aka STIR/SHAKEN, we must discuss the state of phone calls within the United States. In February 2021 alone, it is estimated that Americans received about 5.6 billion spam calls. With only 332 million adults in the United States, this averages to about 16.9 spam calls per adult in the month of February. 

These spam calls are made possible through scammers, robo dialers, and spoofing. Just to clarify, a scammer is someone attempting to get money from someone else in a dishonest way.  A robo dialer is either an electronic device or even digital software that automatically calls phone numbers. Spoofing is when a scammer purposely misrepresents the information sent to identify the caller.

What the FCC has to say about it: 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has created a set of rules and regulations to combat unwanted phone calls.  These rules and regulations are officially called STIR/SHAKEN. Remember, this is the same as SHAKEN/STIR. STIR/SHAKEN is an acronym for Secure Telephone Identity Revisited and Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information Using toKENs.


So, what does it mean? According to the FCC

“This means that calls traveling through interconnected phone networks would have their caller ID “signed” as legitimate by originating carriers and validated by other carriers before reaching consumers. STIR/SHAKEN digitally validates the handoff of phone calls passing through the complex web of networks, allowing the phone company of the consumer receiving the call to verify that a call is in fact from the number displayed on Caller ID.” 

With the validation from the originating caller and a second validation from the carrier, consumers can be confident when looking at the caller identification information.

Telecommunications Providers 

Your clients, and business owners in general, have unique problems when it comes to spoofing. Spammers can currently spoof a business owner’s information. When spammers do this, they create two victims.  One being the person they are intending to call and the second is the business owner.  When spammers steal the identification of businesses, they can be doing irreparable damage to that business’s reputation when victims associate that business with scammers. 

Not only can scammers steal business information, but businesses can also be the intended victim of scammers. When scammers and robodialers call business locations, they disrupt the workflow and can tie up the phone lines.  Among other problems, this can negatively impact the customer experience. 

As a CPaaS (communications platform as a service) provider, it is your responsibility to provide your clients with the best and most secure solutions. Offering solutions that have the capability to comply with STIR/SHAKEN and provide verification is a great way to build trusting relationships with your clients. Providing a secure product can help you grow your client list as well.

Brightlink’s STIR/SHAKEN 

It doesn’t matter if you call it SHAKEN/STIR or STIR/SHAKEN, Brightlink has you covered. Brightlink’s CPaaS Platform was built with your customers in mind.  During the design process, we built STIR/SHAKEN into the platform. We have also made all modifications to our network to make sure you and your customers are STIR/SHAKEN compliant. 

Not only is Brightlink’s CPaaS Platform FCC compliant, but it is also part of our trusted network. Our global network has true geographic redundancy with over 150 worldwide access points. With Brightlink’s CPasS Platform, you will not only be offering your clients an FCC compliant solution, but also a very reliable product. Call us today at 1-888-871-4575 OPT #1 to start offering your clients the best!