Scaling Disruptive Technologies

The Times of India

Scaling Disruptive Technologies

05 October 2018 | Amal Bhatnagar (The Times Of India)

Disruptive technologies can be found in every industry, ranging from transportation with Uber to entertainment with Netflix. Although many companies set out to change problems found in the status quo, a majority of them are unable to because of their limited market share or capital. Such challenges often stem from the companies’ inabilities to understand market expectations, adapt, and accordingly brand themselves efficiently to the public and investors. For example, Borders and Toys R Us collapsed due to online shipping. General Motors lacked innovations that reflected customer needs. Kodak did not transition to digital cameras in time.

Thanks to such historic events, we now know the necessity of adaptation. Rob Chen, Berkeley Haas ’94 and Harvard Business School ’99, provides insight into how he scales disruptive technologies to meet market needs.

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