Renegade Interviews Rob Chen on Text-Enabled Marketing

Renegade Thinkers Unite Podcast

Renegade Interviews Rob Chen on Text-Enabled Marketing

01 February 2019 | Drew Neisser (Renegade Thinkers Unite Podcast)

“When you have to reach out to someone quickly, what do you usually do? Exactly! Send a text. So why aren’t more businesses text-enabling their phone lines? That question is at the center of Brightlink’s text-enabling solution, designed so that company phone lines—usually reserved for saying ‘no’ to pesky cold calls— can handle informative text conversations with prospective clients. Given the nature of their product, Brightlink has also been able to utilize it as their own marketing tool, a simultaneous demonstration and use case—a real situation of killing two birds with one phone!”

Our CEO, Rob Chen, chats with Drew Neisser, Founder and CEO of Renegade, about about how Rob’s marketing background informs his role, how we highlight our innovative technology through marketing, and why “a clear company culture is king.”

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