Omnichannel Messaging APIs Still Far off for CPaaS Users


Omnichannel Messaging APIs Still Far off for CPaaS Users

30 August 2019 | Micah Levine (TechTarget)

“Messaging applications continue to infiltrate the B2C communications market. This trend spotlights omnichannel APIs for communications platform as a service, or CPaaS, which integrates cloud-based communications with business workflows.

As consumers and businesses rely more on SMS and other text-based messaging, organizations need to decide whether to add APIs for each new messaging service or investigate omnichannel options. Omnichannel messaging APIs enable businesses to communicate with customers across multiple messaging apps, such as Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, using a single integrated interface.

A single interface that can manage multiple messaging applications might be the answer to corral all the communications. However, omnichannel messaging APIs have some hurdles to overcome.”

Brightlink CEO Rob Chen discusses how companies are looking for prebuilt tools to help them easily connect messaging to their other applications.

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