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From the first telegraph to today’s instant texts, messaging has evolved to become one of the most important tools for business communication. Despite the fact that messaging is a native form of communication for many people, engaging with customers for marketing or customer service via text is not a common practice for most enterprises.


By leveraging cloud-based business messaging capabilities at the network, integration, and application levels, Brightlink Messaging provides your business with reliable, end-to-end business messaging connectivity. 

What You Need to Know About Messaging

It Can Build Your Brand

You can text-enable landlines, including vanity numbers, letting you use familiar phone numbers with customers to elevate your brand.

Consumers Prefer Texts

98% of texts are opened, 9 out of 10 consumers want to text businesses*, and 50-65% of people engaging with Contact Centers prefer texts over calls.**

Standards are Evolving

In the United States, 10DLC will replace SMS short codes as the new standard for sending mass A2P messages per CTIA guidelines.

Brightlink Messaging: Enhance Customer Engagement & Grow Your Business

With texting emerging as one of the most preferred communication channels, Brightlink Messaging was developed so you can connect with your customers the way they want: quickly, easily, and well.

Brightlink Messaging gives you the ability to:

Send and receive SMS/MMS messages quickly, reliably, and securely
Route your A2P and P2P messages on Brightlink’s proven network with complete SMSC and MMSC gateway services to ensure deliverability, reliability, and compliance.

Enable business agility with messaging
Text-enable your current business numbers for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages with no change to your communication service provider. Reach your customers quickly and easily with high volume SMS messages while using the familiarity and credibility of your current business number.

Reach your customers with a comprehensive messaging solution
Because Brightlink provides messaging capabilities at all three levels - the network, integration and application levels - you get end-to-end connectivity with built-in integration across the board, letting you reach your customers with a seamless messaging solution.

Tap into a powerful global network with messaging APIs
With a world-class network services infrastructure that powers billions of SMS and MMS messages each year, you can build custom integrations via messaging APIs in our CPaaS platform, giving you access to the network elements you need.

Brightlink Enterprise Messaging Services

Say Goodbye to Complex Configuration

Brightlink Enterprise Messaging Services is a purpose-built solution that allows your business to incorporate Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging to customers.

Brightlink Enterprise Messaging Services provides:

Support for common A2P messaging use cases to automate business interactions such as updates, notifications, password resets, alerts, marketing messages, appointment reminders, booking confirmations, and more

Built-in compliance guidance leveraging Brightlink’s expertise working with participating operators

Simple integration via APIs

What You Get With Brightlink Enterprise Messaging Services:

Ten digit long codes (10DLC) for A2P messaging traffic, reinforcing your brand by leveraging existing business numbers

Automated facilitation of campaign registrations and approvals

Easy implementation against CTIA Messaging Principles and

Best Practices (latest guidelines 7/19)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between P2P Messaging and A2P Messaging?


Peer to Peer (P2P) text messages are two-way messages sent between two people via SMS/MMS messaging or a messaging application. Application to Person (A2P) text messages are messages that are automatically generated from an application and sent to a person’s mobile device.


What is 10 DLC Long Code vs Short Code?


10-Digit Long Code (10DLC) is a standard 10-digit phone number that’s used for messaging communication between parties. A short code is a 5 to 6 digit number that is used for mass, one-way communication such as SMS marketing, security verification, and other commercial notification uses.


How is Brightlink handling the carrier surcharges for Commercial Long Code A2P Messaging?


Many mobile operators have now started charging for messages sent to their subscribers. These surcharges are universal and will be charged to all providers industry-wide.


Brightlink will pass these fees through to our customers at no markup.


To see a full list of carriers and their current surcharges, click here.


**Byrne, Jason. Pleasant, Blair. “Best Practices & Trends in Contact Centers.” Channel Partners. May 2019.

You can also custom integrate messaging into your business with the
Brightlink CPaaS Platform