27 Undeniable Statistics in Favor of Business Messaging

November 6, 2020

27 Undeniable Statistics in Favor of Business Messaging

It’s becoming an indisputable fact that business messaging is a more reliable, trusted, and preferred method of communication with consumers. We are living in a time where phone calls are now considered disruptive, and people want to respond in a way that is convenient and quick. When it comes to the convenience of messaging, we believe the statistics speak for themselves. Below you can find several statistics all related to messaging and why you should consider adopting this strategy for your business. 


13 Messaging Statistics for How Your Customers Feel About Business Messaging 

Building customer relationships is essential to retaining long-term brand loyalty. Business messaging is a great tool to improve how your customers feel about your brand. 

      1. When making decisions on where to live, 67% of Americans value reliable wireless service just as much as affordable housing, good commute times, and good school districts – CTIA 
      2. 3 out of 4 consumers feel frustrated when they can’t respond to a company’s text messages – Zipwhip 
      3. 51% of consumers believe messaging to be the more reliable form of communication over email and calls – Zipwhip 
      4. Brand loyalty programs that use text messaging are preferred by 53% of consumers – Vibes 
      5. Data privacy policies of brands and companies are important to 64% of consumers – Vibes 
      6. As much as 74% of consumers would rather message with a real person than a chatbot when inquiring about something – Zoominfo 
      7. Response speed is important to 76% of consumers when it comes to service-based messaging – Vibes 
      8. 85% of consumers would rather receive and message over an email or phone call – SlickText 
      9. If your loyalty program sends too many or irrelevant messages, 86% of consumers would unsubscribe from the program. – Vibes 
      10. 87% of people say they completely ignore calls from businesses and unknown numbers – Zipwhip 
      11. Messaging is a trusted communication method by nearly 93% of consumers – MessageDesk 
      12. When it comes to scheduling an appointment or receiving a reminder, 67% of consumers would rather it be done via text instead of over call or email – Zoominfo 
      13. 64% of consumers believe that a business that utilize texting as their primary communication method  value their time – SlickText 


7 Consumer Messaging Facts 

Your customers want to text you. In fact, creating this option builds the likelihood of them reaching out to you in a more positive light. 

      1. About 35% of consumers say they text a business at least once a week – Zipwhip 
      2. 61% of people say they would not install new applications on their devices just to communicate with a company – Zoominfo 
      3. Over 65% of the world population communicates through text message – SlickText 
      4. An amazing 74% of users report having no unread messaging at the end of the day – Zoominfo 
      5. Nearly 70% of consumers check their phones 11 times or more throughout the day – Zipwhip 
      6. 92% of U.S. adults have text-capable phones – SlickText 
      7. Almost half of consumers in the U.S. will respond to branded message blasts – SlickText 


7 Messaging Statistics for Your Business 

Messaging doesn’t just make your customers happier, statistics show that it’s also a great way to improve your sales, marketing, and day-to-day experiences. 

      1. SMS campaigns see 10x more conversions than traditional ad campaigns – Simple Texting 
      2. 56% of users worldwide say they have messaged a brand to get more information when on different stages of the buyers’ journey – HubSpot 
      3. About 57% of businesses are using their personal cell phones to message their customers – Zipwhip 
      4. SMS and MMS messaging is not being used by nearly 61% of marketing professionals currently – SlickText 
      5. 73% of businesses plan to increase their budget for SMS/MMS marketing next year – SlickText 
      6. Approximately 94% of businesses are already communicating with their colleagues through messaging – SlickText 
      7. 97% of businesses have found that they connect more efficiently with customers over text– SlickText 


Let’s Get Messaging 

With all of these great statistics on messaging, it’s hard to believe more businesses aren’t utilizing this great communication option already! Brightlink MessageView is the perfect messaging tool for your business if you’re ready to start reaching out to your customers in the ways they want to be reached. 

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