How Can Unified Communications Features Help a Business Grow?

July 2, 2020

How Can Unified Communications Features Help a Business Grow?

Unified communication is a phone or communication system that unifies numerous communication methods and features within a business. Additionally, this often means with the same provider as well. Rather than paying three separate companies for VoIP, mobile phone, and business messaging, you can combine. Subsequently integrating these into one system from one provider. Below are some of the ways in which moving to unified communications can help your company grow.

Connecting with Remote Workers

In 2020, the number of people working remotely skyrocketed. This left many companies scrambling to find the best possible way to keep their employees and their customers connected. For some, providing access to communication solutions meant finding a new technology provider, setting up a new service, and paying yet another bill. Unified communications is designed to help companies bundle all their features into a single interface that employees can access anywhere. Bringing your communications under one UC provider and under one bill makes things much simpler overall, and it keeps you, your remote workers, and your customers in constant contact, too.

Having One Service Provider Saves Money

Depending on the size of your business, you may find that you pay two, three, or maybe even 15 different companies for the communication services you need. However, if you could pay only one company for all of the various technologies that keep your business running, you’re likely to save thousands of dollars a year. Your location, the taxes you pay for communication services in your state or local area, and more will all play a role in this, as well. In almost every case, though, paying a single bill every month is more cost-effective for any company of any size.

Getting Access to Better Unified Communications Features

Unified communication providers work hard to give companies access to the absolute best technologies available. That means you may gain some benefits that spur your company’s growth. Some of these benefits may include:

      • Better call quality. High-definition telephone calls are critical for growing your business. Noisy calls, dropped calls, and other negative effects of a poor network can lead to dissatisfaction.
      • Flexible billing. When you pay for all of your communication services through a single provider, you choose how to pay. You might choose to pay monthly, bi-monthly, or even quarterly depending on your company’s needs and budget.
      • Communication over any device – mobile or otherwise. You get mobility and flexibility that no other solution can provide when you choose a unified communication solution.  Softphone options and easy-to-use software make it easy to place and receive calls (or even messages) from absolutely anywhere.
      • Higher levels of security. When all of your communications are facilitated by the same company, security is of the utmost importance. When you choose one company to manage your communications, the highest levels of security will be applied to all your platforms. From your network to your applications.


Unified communications as a service, or UCaaS, is quickly becoming the industry standard for companies of all sizes looking to make their communications more affordable, more flexible, and easier to use on a daily basis. With the extra security and features, it’s no surprise that so many companies making the switch to Unified Communications experience unsurpassed growth.