How A White Label UCaaS Can Help Your Business Grow

Nov 16, 2021

How A White Label UCaaS Can Help Your Business Grow

As a business owner that serves other businesses, it’s important to pay attention to working trends.  Thanks to the 2020 pandemic, the rise of remote work, and the fact that only 8% of remote workers wanted to return to the office once the business world opened again, businesses need cloud-based solutions now more than ever.

Cloud-based solutions not only benefit remote and hybrid workers but in-office workers as well. As a business selling platforms to these companies, it is important to know your options on what platforms you can offer your customers, including white label UCaaS platforms.

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS, or Unified Communication as a Service, is a cloud-based solution that combines numerous avenues of communication into one platform. This means your client’s workers can access their email, messaging, video, phone, and documents all through one unified platform.

What is White Label UCaaS?

As a platform provider, you should know your options when it comes to the UCaaS platforms you can offer. Generally, providers have two options. The first is to work with a third-party organization to sell their branded platform.

The other option is to work with a company that offers white label UCaaS. A white label UCaaS is a complete platform that is ready to use. All the programming and maintenance are taken care of on the back end by the supplier. As a service provider, all you need to do is add your branding, and you are ready to sell the platform. Unlike nonwhite label options, this allows you to make the product feel like your own.

The white label platform should be part of a reliable, geo-redundant, and secure network. This is how you know if your white label supplier is a trustworthy supplier with an excellent product.

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How does White Label benefit business?

There are many benefits to offering a white label UCaaS platform. The two major benefits for your company are brand recognition and offering a turnkey product.

Brand Recognition

When you offer a white label platform to your customers, your name and logo are associated with that product. That means that your brand is what your customers will see every day. So, as your customers grow to love the product, they will have your brand in mind for word-of-mouth advertising. Also, this brand recognition helps grow brand loyalty.

Turnkey Product

As mentioned earlier, a good white label UCaaS platform is already set up, fully developed, and ready to go. This means that as soon as your customers purchase the platform, it is ready to be deployed and activated.

The provider that you work with is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and general operating of the UCaaS platform. This allows you and your team to focus on sales and building relationships with customers.

How Does White Label UCaaS Benefit Your Customers?

While your business will always be most important to you, your customers should also be a priority. Ensuring that your customers have a wonderful experience will keep you in business for years to come. There are many benefits for your customers to use a UCaaS platform. Below, we have highlighted just a few that you can relay to them.

Cost Savings

When your customers switch to a UCaaS platform, they can expect to cut down on their communications bills. Instead of paying several companies for several different services, their UCaaS will cover all communications avenues.

Improved Business

When your customers switch to a UCaaS platform, they can expect some changes in their day-to-day business. Their employees can become more productive and efficient. Also, their customer service can improve. With the positive changes around the office, your customers may see an increase in their bottom line.

White Label UCaaS from Brightlink

Brightlink offers you a white label UCaaS platform that is packed full of the features your customers want and need. Our geo-redundant network offers a 99.999% uptime that your customers will love. We want to put the power in your hands by providing you with a platform and customer experience that you get to make all your own.

Contact us today to talk to one of our communications experts on how a white label UCaaS platform is just what you need to be offering your customers!