Enhancing the Customer Experience Through Network Traffic Transparency

Pipeline Magazine

Enhancing the Customer Experience Through Network Traffic Transparency

March 2018 | Joe White (Brightlink)

Joe White, Chief Technology Officer for Brightlink, shares his ideas, thoughts, and visions around enhancing the customer experience through network traffic transparency in this March 2018 article, published by Pipeline Magazine.

For decades, carriers have maintained the status quo of keeping their customers in the dark regarding real-time network traffic data and other metrics. It’s easy to understand why: allowing clients to see every little statistic or inefficiency in network operations, as well as customers’ exact usage compared to what they paid for, has its drawbacks.

Sure, there are carriers that allow customers to see snapshots of their traffic data, and customers can request particular call and messaging metrics, but it’s a cumbersome process — and it feels like they’re not receiving all the necessary information about their own company communications, leaving their team to do the legwork. If they want to see details — such as where calls are originating from and terminating to, broken down by geography, carrier and type, and all real-time traffic data in and out of the carrier’s network (plus minute-by-minute costs) with current stats compared to historical data — they might just be out of luck or need to do some serious digging.

Let’s take a look at how powerful this information can be to service providers and enterprise clients alike. Read his article here.