Unlock Your Potential with Brightlink CPaaS Platform

Communication lies at the core of our interconnected world, but for most businesses, accessing and incorporating communication capabilities can be difficult, and often seemingly impossible. But with a modern CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) technology platform, the playing field has finally been leveled. Companies of all sizes can now unlock powerful communications capabilities that they couldn’t tap into before, transforming how they do business.  


The Brightlink CPaaS Platform offers simple, flexible access to voice, messaging, and other channels via an intuitive pre-built interface and tools or you could access a large collection of APIs to custom integrate communications functionality into your business.

What You Need to Know About CPaaS

CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) has become the acronym of the hour, but how does it actually help? With CPaaS, businesses can extend customer engagement and marketing across different communication channels, like voice and messaging. By seamlessly integrating communications into their business through pre-built tools, any enterprise can instantly access and activate connection through any – or all – channels.

Gain Flexible Access to CPaaS Capabilities


For Enterprises who want turnkey access to world-class network services

  • Access an intuitive web interface for your core communication needs


  • Get started instantly with easy, self-service features


  • Eliminate technical complexity

For Enterprises who want to custom integrate communications into their business

  • Add communications capability to your applications via robust APIs


  • Access our API reference library of documentation quickly and easily


  • Manage API connections from a central location

Brightlink CPaaS Platform: Single Point of Access for Your Communications Needs

Having multiple providers for each of your communications needs can be complex and a distraction for you from running your business.  In contrast, Brightlink delivers integrated capabilities across communication technology layers so you can focus on your customers and business.


At our integration layer, our full-featured CPaaS Platform provides a pre-built web interface as well as state-of-the-art APIs that let you easily custom integrate and access our powerful underlying network services infrastructure. From acquiring and activating phone numbers to enabling critical features like business texting, you can easily incorporate communications capabilities to boost your customer engagement and marketing strategies.

Brightlink CPaaS Platform

Key Capabilities

Voice API Manager

Search, reserve, and order local and toll free numbers in real-time with a live inventory of millions of numbers

Port and manage your current phone numbers

Place and receive phone calls

Create conference bridges

Build a multi-user phone system (PBX) and extensions along with polling data like presence and activity for those users

Create contact center call queues and work flows

Messaging API Manager

Text-enable any number with the click of a button

Send and receive domestic and international SMS and MMS

Pull real-time analytics delivery metrics and statistics

Receive delivery receipts and confirmations

Send group messages

Send long messages (over 160 characters)

SIP API Manager

API Command Center

Easily provision and configure your own SIP trunks

Reduce costs by only paying for the trunks you use

Add virtual channels of communication as your business expands

Point-and-click SIP trunk assignments to any endpoint

Access a library of resources for your development team

Set up APIs using our documentation library

Test your API connectivity in a full-featured testing environment

Manage all API connections from one central location

Increase service reliability with our built-in rerouting function

Build SIP trunks and modulate usage by traffic flow, size, and geography

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Our Customers

What the Experts are Saying

“The CPaaS Platform 2.0 release…should place Brightlink in a good position to benefit from the growing relevance of embedded communications in the enterprise segment. Furthermore, its one-stop-shop offering – with capabilities that include cloud applications, CPaaS, and network services – should appeal to enterprise customers looking for a more complete and integrated set of solutions.”

Raul Castanon Martinez
Research Analyst

“What the company manages to do with this, though, is find a good balance between features and functionality, with simplicity and ease of use. The result is a really strong CPaaS offering that allows for communications functionality to be integrated into all kinds of CRM and marketing tools, for example, using various API’s.”

Brian Turner

Case Study

“With Brightlink, we gained an immediate ROI and we are able to better service our clients faster than ever before.”

Vincent Finaldi, Vice President
Tele-Data Solutions

Learn More

Tele-Data Solutions is a family-owned and operated business that helps New Jersey-based small and mid-sized businesses solve problems through VoIP phone hardware and software technology.

The Challenge

With competition multiplying and margins shrinking, Tele-Data had to find ways to stay relevant. Having highly trusted service providers to help drive growth and meet customer needs was crucial.

Our Approach

Tele-Data engaged Brightlink for its Enterprise Network Services solution, including voice origination and voice termination, in March 2018. They also use Brightlink’s CPaaS API to SNAPVantage, a Brightlink PBXCloud application, and utilize the Brightlink CPaaS Platform to search, buy, and port phone numbers. 

Their Results

By using Brightlink’s voice services, Tele-Data gained measurable improvements in four areas: more control, immediate speed improvements, transparency, and lower costs.

What Our Customers are Saying


“We switched to the Brightlink platform in order to have an infrastructure that would better address our evolving communications needs. Our transition to the Brightlink CPaaS platform was seamless and efficient.”

Geoff Augenstein, Director of Information Technology at Directed