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As technology drives increasing proliferation of communication channels, businesses can often find themselves lacking the right tools to engage customers via business messaging.  Additionally, there can be a range of issues, from technology, to process, to compliance, for managing interactions across email, phone, and messaging channels.  But at the same time, research indicates that SMS and MMS messaging is an increasingly important cloud communication tool for business, especially for Millennials.


of companies found that they connected with customers more efficiently via text.


of consumers say using text messaging to communicate was effective.


of consumers think that companies who text value their time.


of smartphone users report having zero unread texts at days' end.

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At Brightlink, we believe this is an important need to address and we have developed a cloud-based communications solution that makes it easy for an enterprise to engage customers for marketing or customer service via business messaging.   Brightlink MessageView is a comprehensive cloud application that lets you send and receive SMS and MMS messages for your business from any numbers, including traditional landlines and toll-free numbers.

Brightlink MessageView: An Innovative Cloud Messaging Solution for Your Business

Engage with your customers in their preferred channel of communication with. We’ve ensured that Brightlink MessageView is secure, compliant, and easy to deploy, use, and scale. Whether you are using Brightlink MessageView for marketing campaigns/outreach or for customer support, you can:

Message-enable (SMS/MMS) phone numbers, including local and toll-free

Send auto-responses that are triggered from key words

Manage contacts and lists

Send blast messages to distribution lists with CTIA compliance

Maintain and search archive of customer communications for your business

Create shared numbers that can be accessed by teams, e.g. customer service

Have 360 degree view of customer interactions

…and much more! Access our resources below and see for yourself what you can do with Brightlink MessageView.

Resources to Learn More

Overview Video

Release Notes

Data Sheet

Brightlink MessageView for Students

Brightlink MessageView for Parents

Brightlink MessageView for Legal Teams

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