Add Brightlink MessageView to Your Toolkit

Your customers want a messaging option. Now you can give it to them!

By adding a business messaging solution to your toolkit, you are creating a more enticing offering and expanding your potential reach. At Brightlink, we believe messaging is the perfect complement to your existing services. But you can’t just add any old service, you have to make sure your new tool is compliant, secure, feature-packed, and easy to use!


Brightlink MessageView is a comprehensive cloud application that lets your customers send and receive SMS and MMS messages from any number, including traditional landlines and toll-free numbers.

Brightlink MessageView for Service Providers

If you want to provide a truly Unified Communications (UC) solution to your customers, adding a messaging solution is a must. After all, over 5.1 billion people use mobile devices globally for calling and texting. The CTIA predicts there will be 31 billion connected devices by 2023! You and your customers can’t afford to miss out on a channel that large.

Integrating Brightlink MessageView into your UC offering can:

Differentiate you from other service providers

Increase your average revenue per customer

Add value to your current PBX offering - ensuring long-term customer loyalty

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Brightlink MessageView Customer Benefits

Through robust capabilities and easy-to-use features, your customers can now engage with their customers in their preferred channel of communication. We’ve ensured that MessageView is secure, compliant, and easy to deploy, use, and scale so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Whether your customers are using Brightlink MessageView for marketing campaigns, customer outreach, or for customer support, they can:

Send auto-responses that are triggered by keywords

Manage contacts and lists

Send blast messages to distribution lists with CTIA compliance

Maintain and search archive of customer communications for your business

Create shared numbers that can be accessed by teams, e.g. customer service

Have a 360-degree view of customer interactions

Respond to texts they're already receiving

Product Features

Multiple Number Assignments

  • Support center managers can assign multiple text-enabled phone numbers to multiple users across different shifts to ensure that there are no gaps in coverage.  
  • Businesses can text marketing campaigns across multiple regions and track performance by assigning different local numbers for each region.

Message Blasts

  • Businesses can text a poll to customers en masse and then set up an auto-response for customers who reply.
  • Businesses can set up text distribution lists to send targeted messages to specific groups.

Message Archiving

  • Professional services firms can search text message archives for compliance and auditing. 
  • Customer service teams can access text history to reference and resolve customer issues.

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