Brightlink Ranked Among Top CPaaS Vendors

May 13, 2021

Brightlink Ranked Among Top CPaaS Vendors

TechRadar has released its top CPaaS vendors for 2021.  Again this year, Brightlink has ranked among the top three CPaaS vendors. TechRadar is an online publication that has ranked and reviewed technology products since its founding in 2008. Editing teams for TechRadar are based in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, and Australia. It is considered the largest consumer technology reviewing site and has held that title since 2013.   

CPaaS, or Communications Platform as a Service, is a customizable cloud-based solution for business communication needs. While continuing to use their current communications setup, business owners can pick and choose features they would like to add. This flexibility allows business owners to continue utilizing their current systems and transition slowly over time as needed.  


Why Brightlink is a Superior CPaaS Vendor 

Brightlink is a top pick for users because of the simple and easy-to-use design.  The platform has a balance of features and functionality that is hard for other CPaaS vendors to surpass. The unique features offered by Brightlink are a business owner’s dream.  

The CPaaS platform we offer was designed and developed by Brightlink, ourselves. This allowed Brightlink to tailor our platform to the needs and wants of our end-users.  When developing a platform with end-users in mind, we created an easy-to-use, adaptable communications platform. This is especially important to business owners that want an update to their communications, but do not want to go so far as to implement a unified communications platform.  

Brightlink designed and developed our CPaaS platform with direct integrations with NetSapiens and Sansay, creating a versatile tool that will function for any business. While other CPaaS vendors have created great platforms, they are not compatible with other networks and providers.  Again, by keeping end-users in mind, we have made it convenient for customers to choose our CPaaS platform as their communication solution.  


Winning Brightlink Features 

With new and advancing technology, security is always a concern. Another feature that makes Brightlink’s CPaaS platform stand out among CPaaS vendors is its integrated security.  Brightlink developed our CPaaS platform to configure STIR/SHAKEN directly from the CPaaS portal. STIR/SHAKEN are the newest FCC standards in the telecommunications industry to help filter out spam and robocalls.  With STIR/SHAKEN, companies spend less time on unwanted phone calls and more time focusing on their actual business communications. 

As a reliable piece of the Brightlink suite of offerings, the CPaaS platform is a part of Brightlink’s own global network with over 150 access points. Our network is up and running 99.999% of the time.  This gives the CPaaS platform reliability businesses can count on, ensuring your customers are always satisfied with their connection while enjoying all of the functionality that encompasses it.  


It’s Not A Win Without You 

We are so thankful for this recognition and know that without our partnerships we would be nowhere. Supplying our partners with a tool they can put into their customer’s hands and trust will achieve the desired results is what we aim for.  

We enable you to provide your customers with the communication solutions they want and need. Add Brightlink’s CPaaS to your toolbox today. It’s the flexible platform you’ve been craving that allows for greater customization while still being conscientious of varying budgets and needs. Brightlink has the perfect products and solutions for you if your customers are looking for: 

      • Simple Number Management 
      • Point-and-Click API Connectivity 
      • SMS and MMS Enablement 


Start serving your customers with the award-winning product they deserve and start building long-lasting relationships today. Call Brightlink at 1-833-729-4255.