Brightlink: Live View of Network Traffic

CIO Applications

Brightlink: Live View of Network Traffic

08 December 2018 | CIO Applications

Enterprises are in a rush to make the best of the sunrise domain that unified communications (UC) is. However, many UC platforms tend to offer lower returns on investment as the usage charges fail to justify the investment. Besides pricing, call quality and visibility turn into network traffic to troubleshoot performance-related issues serving as benchmarks and often play a decisive role in an enterprise’s choice of solutions. Stepping in to provide unparallelled quality and visibility into network traffic at competitive pricing is Brightlink — a provider of IP communication systems and solutions including carrier-grade voice messaging and over-the-top (OTT) services.

With a team of UC and IT migration experts, Brightlink has championed the enablement of real-time visibility into network traffic for its clients using its IP network.

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