Brightlink Has Its Eyes Set On Global Expansion

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Brightlink Has Its Eyes Set On Global Expansion

02 November 2017 | Natalie Bannerman (Capacity Media)

Expanding its global network and “laying software on top of what we do” are the long and short term plans for Brightlink, according to its chief technology officer, Joe White.

Brightlink, the US-based communications IP provider, offers its customers a range of unified communications and collaboration services and has its plans in place to grow this offering over the next 12 months.

In keeping with the objective of laying software onto everything they do, White explains to me some of the product offerings they will supply: “So we’ve taken normal voice termination and we have a product called LiveView that sits over the top of that, so now our customers can not only see their traffic but they can see it in our network which no other carrier is out there doing.

“They can log in and see the quality stats of their voice metrics, they can overlay it with historical reports. So they can really keep an eye not only on the traffic but have an idea of what it looks like after its been handed off to us. A lot of customers they’ll have some sort of platform internally to see their calls and to see that score but no one says ‘here you can look into our network’ and see exactly what we’re doing with your call.”

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