Brightlink CTO Discusses Cloud PBX & CPaaS

UC Today

Brightlink CTO Discusses Cloud PBX & CPaaS

29 January 2019 | Rebekah Carter (UC Today)

“According to White, Brightlink sees Cloud PBX as a fantastic solution for many businesses. It can complete crucial tasks like provisioning phones, ordering new numbers, registering for emergency services and more, without the expense regarding time and resources. Not so long ago, it used to take days of waiting and multiple phone calls to enhance a communication system, and Cloud PBX eliminates this problem. However, just because the strategy is more straightforward, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the future of comms.

Joe told us that he believes that a solid CPaaS and cloud PBX collaboration is necessary to create a true single pane of glass experience for users. A CPaaS solution that can interact with the cloud PBX through APIs means that companies can manage all the tools they need, without having to switch between separate portals.”

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