Brightlink Celebrates Record Growth for CPaaS Platform

UC Today

Brightlink Celebrates Record Growth for CPaaS Platform

21 November 2019 | Rebekah Carter (UC Today)

“With CPaaS access to various network service solutions, companies will be able to enhance their omni-channel engagement strategy and provide more customised experiences for customers. CPaaS makes it easier to integrate different services into a communications mix. For instance, companies can activate a variety of phone number types, from toll-free to mobile, with instant provisioning. It’s also possible to access things like business messaging to elevate new customer support capabilities.

While CPaaS has previously been the go-to solution for API developers alone, the CPaaS platform from Brightlink offers enterprises a new route. Companies can either access a robust set of APIs for developing or an easy-to-use web interface that’s accessible for management and administration. The second option eliminates the need for code-writing skills.”

Rebekah Carter of UC Today discusses the Brightlink CPaaS Platform and how much traction it is gaining in the communications marketplace.

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