Adding UCaaS to Your Managed Services Portfolio

April 30, 2020

Adding UCaaS to Your Managed Services Portfolio

As communications technology improves and expands, the market for managed services continues to grow. There are more devices for businesses to manage, more services being provided, and more technology solutions being sold. Customers of all types are engaging outside service providers and using a larger percentage of their IT budget on managed communication services.

But what services are customers looking for specifically? Storage, backup, and disaster recovery are definitely high on the list. But hosted PBX, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and integrating disparate systems with cloud technologies are climbing to the top very quickly.  In fact, over 57% of enterprises are moving toward hybrid IT environments in 2020*. Consequently uniting their on-premises systems with off-premises cloud resources.


ucaas adoption research

*451 Research. (2020). Tech M&A Outlook 2020.


Why the shift?

Because businesses are recognizing the benefits of migrating to IP telephony with UC services. Combining voice with features like instant messaging, employee availability (away, on a call, busy, etc.), voicemail-to-email, and other features are transforming the way MSPs’ customers are doing business. UCaaS makes it easier for them to connect with their remote workers, access important communications data and files, respond to customer inquiries, and more, all from one location – whether it’s an online platform or a mobile app.

But, as businesses focus on consolidating their communications technology through UC platforms, they’re also looking to consolidate their vendors. After all, why pay sixteen bills for sixteen solutions when you could pay one bill for sixteen solutions? These goals put you in a unique position to remain a strategic partner by extending the value you provide to your customers.  By adding UC to your offerings, you can boost profit margins, build recurring revenue from current customers, and even attract new customers.

However, before you add UC to your current offerings, we’d encourage you to consider the following:

Be smart when adding UCaaS to your offering

Hosted VoIP is one of your must-have offerings because that’s the direction your customers are heading. Plus, that’s a service they want. But you also have to understand their expectations when it comes to communications technology. This helps you choose the right Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider. Don’t pick a provider based on price alone since some lower-priced solutions don’t include the features your customers need.

Here’s what your business phone customers are expecting from a UCaaS provider (in no particular order of importance):

      • Great voice quality
      • Network integration
      • Fair pricing
      • Mobility with WebRTC and softphones
      • Flexible billing
      • Helpful, cutting-edge features
      • Maximum security at all levels – network, integration, application


Make sure the platform you choose will deliver service to the level your customers expect – and have been receiving – from you.

Brightlink PBXCloud delivers exactly that: a rock-solid, redundant unified communications platform with all the features your customers need, built on Brightlink’s proprietary VoIP network.  With Brightlink PBXCloud’s open APIs, you can deliver even more value to your customers with custom integrations into the solutions you already provide.