2020: The Year of Communications Platform as a Service

December 31, 2020

2020: The Year of Communications Platform as a Service

2020 is certainly not lacking in the eventful category. Unfortunately, due to these events, many industries around the globe saw a decline in users and/or profitability. Conversely, Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions, and the communications industry in general, experienced a massive boom! According to the IDC, by 2024 the CPaaS market is predicted to reach $17.7 billion – a 33% CAGR from 2019.  

This massive boom in the communications industry is due in large part to the increase in remote work across all industries. While the circumstances that brought this boom about are unfortunate, we are grateful to be able to supply businesses with the solutions they need to keep them going. A tool that stands out above the rest as the solution 2020 needed, is CPaaS, or Communications Platform as a Service. 

The Pandemic and Communication Solutions 

When the world was devastated by the COVID-19 virus, it happened suddenly and left a lot of businesses grasping for options. While some were deemed vital organizations and remained open with safety precautions set in place, others had no choice but to close their buildings and offices.  

While safety is and always should be a top priority for businesses, keeping bills paid and food on everyone’s table is also a vital piece to take into consideration for those who had no choice but to halt services.  

With many businesses closing their doors, the world needed solutions that granted employees and employers alike the opportunity to work remotely. This is where the communication community was able to step in and fill the needs of so many different businesses in so many different situations.  

CPaaS proved to be the perfect solution for businesses looking for quick, easy, and reliable solutions. The flexibility that Communications Platform solutions provided in 2020 helped keep communications open both with customers and internally. Features like video conferencing and messaging provided effective communication avenues for both customers and teams alike. 

Service Providers that Experienced Growth in 2020 with a Communications Platform as a Service Solution 

Success in the Healthcare Industry 

As woman-owned telecom company DiRad Technologies discovered in 2020, many businesses needed contact center features to handle the sudden influx in calls. DiRad Technologies found great success within the healthcare industry by positioning their contact center features as must-haves for management. Such features like call reporting and agent presence helped DiRad’s healthcare partners achieve smoother call handling and improved staffing. 

Finding a Niche in SMBs 

Larger telecom providers often pay little-to-no attention to small and medium-sized businesses. That’s where Tele-Data Solutions shines. With personalized service and strategic partnerships, Tele-Data Solutions has established themselves as strong players in the industry. Their positive reputation and mound of five-star Google reviews helped sell their solutions to small and medium-sized New Jersey-based businesses. 

Creating Lasting Revenue 

Originally an MSP, cloud voice provider StratusDial added Brightlink’s Communications Platform during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. StratusDial found more success with the streamlined service that Brightlink provides. As CEO, Bill McClain, stated “if you’re partnering with a provider that has to get part of their services somewhere else; then you’re adding into the potential areas that can cause problems. So, as a carrier, that was very attractive to me – that you guys were already a carrier, already a CLEC. You’ve got access to numbers. There’s no finger-pointing.” By partnering with Brightlink, StratusDial effectively reduced the number of problems their customers faced while also improving the time it took to turn up new customers.

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The Right Communications Platform Made the Difference 

Choosing the right Communications Platform provider is crucial to the success of your business. If one thing stood out the most from 2020, it was a need for a business continuity plan. Many businesses realized quickly that they were not prepared for the upheaval that a pandemic and consequent lockdown created. Conversely, many service providers just as quickly discovered how inflexible and rigid their platform providers were. Even worse, some service providers and their customers even experienced business-halting failures

Without a strong platform, service providers had to rely on good salespeople and competent customer service reps to keep their business afloat while keeping their customers’ communications alive. Your customers need the flexibility to run their business from anywhere without the fear of downtime and outages. The right platform allows you to guarantee service continuity and ease of use.

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Rev Up Your 2021 Revenue with CPaaS 

As the CPaaS market continues to explode, you might be looking to get a slice of that pie. There are few solutions that help rev up your revenue quite like CPaaS can. With a Communications Platform as a Service solution, you can easily customize your offering to fit the needs of your ideal customers or break into new markets. 

At the end of the day, selling everything to everyone can cause major buyer fatigue and sales burnout. How can you customize your offering to prevent these sales cycle hiccups? First, look to your existing customer base and the common features therein. Second, create packages that include those features. Finally, present those packages to prospects, recognizing that features outside of the packages can be used as impulse buys. 

Industry-Based Packages 

Looking to break into a new market? Here’s where you may have to test the waters a bit to find out which features that particular market craves. 

For example, text messaging and hunt group features are more likely to be beneficial to a car dealership. These features help streamline their sales process and expand their marketing reach. How? Text messaging allows them to alert their prospects of upcoming sales, price drops, and trade-in deals. Where hunt groups quickly route callers to a readily-available salesperson. 

On the other hand, call centers require call statistics and reporting, as well as call recording and CRM integration. Call statistics and reporting help call center managers to identify trends and spot areas that need improvement. Likewise, call centers often use call recording as a training tool. In fact, according to an OrecX study, the most effective method of coaching for customer service reps is having them listen to themselves. As you can see, certain features make sense for call centers, where others wouldn’t. 

Per our given examples, creating industry-based packages within your Communications Platform can effectively reduce your sales cycle and additionally, eliminate buyer fatigue by offering your prospects features that make sense for their business. 

Building Lasting Relationships 

Which is more expensive: keeping an existing customer or signing a new one? As you are likely aware, signing a new customer is far more expensive than keeping an existing one. Here’s how a Communications Platform can aid in building lasting customer relationships. 

As with all “as a Service” offerings, CPaaS is a plug-and-play solution. Which by nature, creates customer stickiness by providing greater flexibility and customization. Flexibility and customization ensure scalability for your customers. So, as your customer’s needs change, their communications services can change as well. 

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Brightlink Helps You Put the Right Foot Forward 

Brightlink has the perfect Communications Platform to keep your customers protected against the unknown. We are here to help you keep your business flexible, whether your customers are in-office, working remotely, or on the go. Along with our state-of-the-art CPaaS technology, you’ll also receive service from us that you can depend on, no matter what.  

With our user-friendly platform and flexibility, your customers can have the voice and messaging capabilities their business needs, right from our intuitive web interface. Plus, you’ll have access to all our great APIs and other tools to totally customize your offering. We are here for you, and white-label ready, to make your perfect CPaaS experience. 

Want to know if our CPaaS platform is right for you? At Brightlink, we’re here to help get you started on your Communications Platform journey! Give us a call at 888-871-4575 or email us at sales@brightlink.com.