10DLC Rules and Regulations

August 24, 2021

10DLC Rules and Regulations

As a business owner, you may be aware of the need to switch your business messaging to 10DLC (ten-digit long codes). Don’t worry if you are feeling overwhelmed with all the information about 10DLCs; we have your back! You’ll find everything you need to know about 10DLC right here. Just take a look at what’s inside: the latest program fees and requirements communicated by major carriers.


What is 10DLC?

10DLC stands for 10-digit long code. This is what allows businesses to send SMS from a local number to their customer base. 10DLC allows for higher throughput rates and lower costs when compared to dedicated shortcodes. This translates into more messages per minute being sent on 10DLC than traditional 10-digit numbers can handle so it’s an attractive option for any business wishing to engage in SMS marketing.


10DLC and FCC

The FCC created a set of rules and regulations called STIR/SHAKEN. STIR/SHAKEN protects Americans by requiring callers to have their identifying information verified before calls can be made.  

As a response to this, major phone service carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, also called Tier 1 carriers, have set up their own rules and regulations for SMS.


10DLC Compliance

In order to comply with Tier 1 requirements, your company must register. There are three levels that should be registered. They break down into company, brand, and campaign categories. The Campaign Registry (TCR) is a database that provides central management of the registry of brands and campaigns, as required for 10DLC. 

All messaging traffic via 10DLC destined for Tier 1 US carriers must be compliant with TCR registration requirements; this includes registering all message campaigns through its interface to NetNumber – which manages Override Services Registration – ensuring compliance with campaign information regulations in order to provide the best service possible on behalf of your company. 

Company – If your company sends messages as part of a cloud-based solution, an independent software provider (ISV) can register your company for you as part of their service.   

Brand – If your company has a specific brand or brands that you want to be identified as you will need to register each of those brands individually.   

Campaign – When you send messages, you must create a campaign. The three basic details of each campaign that need to be declared are the name of the campaign, the purpose, and two sample messages.   


10DLC Fees and Registration

Due to FCC not regulating 10DLC, there are not nationwide or federally set fees or registration rules. However, many carriers are setting their own rules and regulations that are becoming industry standards. Some fees you can expect to pay include:  

      • Message fees 
      • Non-compliance fees 
      • Brand Registration-one time fee  
      • Campaign registration ($30 per quarter)
      • Small per message fee depending on the carrier 


Quick Tips on Leveraging 10DLC SMS

SMS messaging can be a great asset for your company. There are many use cases for SMS in business. If you are looking for some great ideas to get started, look no further.  

      • Marketing – Utilize SMS to offer your customers special promotions, offers, and VIP updates. 
      • Customer Experience – Offer your customers a great customer experience with two-way messaging. This allows your customers to text you when they need you, even if office hours are closed for the day.  
      • Notifications – You can send alerts and notifications to your customers through SMS. This is a fast way to reach all your customers at once.  


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10DLC Compliance with Brightlink

Brightlink is here for you. Our solutions are built with our customers in mind. We are up to date with all rules and regulations from the FCC and standard regulations from the communications industry. Brightlink can register your company for you, making it that much easier to run your business. Contact us to get started with Brightlink solutions today.