Unified Mobile Messaging

Brightlink IP’s robust messaging platform drives global unified communications and collaboration while providing unparalleled reliability.

Interactive Communications

Connecting. Simplified.

Get interconnected to Brightlink IP’s world-class messaging platform easily. Simply choose one of our carrier class platforms via direct fiber or go through the internet using our application programming interface (API). We offer multiple configurations as well from MM4, MM7, SMPP, HTTP, JSON and more.


Grow your business and enjoy cost benefits with Brightlink IP’s volume pricing and usage-based services. We offer a suite of products and options designed to provide detailed, helpful insight into your usage and messaging.

Safe & Secure

No matter how large your company becomes, Brightlink IP protects your customer transactions with constant global monitoring. Our end-to-end security solutions from private line, encryption, MPLS and VPN connections are capable of handling over 10,000 messages per second per customer.

All In

Grow your new messaging application into big business, economically. Our network was built to service the largest telcos and providers in the world so we do not resell any one else’s products and services. We simply believe in empowering our customers.

By integrating with the Skype for Business platform, companies can build customized applications to alert users to online meetings, remind attendees of tasks, and even distribute presentations, audio recordings and videos to any mobile device on any network without requiring an application installation.


Brightlink IP’s SMS and MMS solutions are built to solve the needs of carriers, enterprises and application developers.

SMS (Short Message Service)

SMS on our native numbers as well as SMS-enabling existing numbers for carrier and enterprise customers without changing voice carriers

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

Audio, video and photos transmitted to your user’s smartphone via our fully capable MMS network


Implementing new mediums and features for contact centers to reach and interact with clients in an omni-channel world


Our platform allows for multiple types of connectivity. From SMPP to multiple API’s linking carriers and empowering developers is fast and simple.

Click to download more information on our SMS offerings.


Global Reach

Our feature-rich network of more than 1,200 carriers worldwide means Brightlink IP reliably delivers your messages to any destination without requiring you to maintain a variety of carrier relationships and connections.

Real-time Analytics

Take the guesswork out of usage analysis. Using REST API, we slice and dice data per your parameters, no matter how detailed, then we store and index the information. You set up triggers that warn when usage thresholds have been crossed.

Controlled Dispatch

Want to pace the delivery of your messages? We will simply set your application to operate at scale without the need for additional code so your messages are placed in a queue and sent exactly when you want them to go.

Cloud Power

Send messages anytime and anywhere via HTTP with Brightlink IP’s cloud platform. As we are constantly upgrading the cloud, VPN configurations and SMPP binds will never cause issues.

Cost Effective

Stay on top of technology especially when it comes to audio and video and never deal with software patches or hardware upgrades, thanks to our continuously upgraded API.

Support On Demand

Our award-winning Network Operations Center (NOC) is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter when or how you reach out, certified, trained experts are always available to answer all questions.

Drive Your Business with Mobile Messaging

Marketing on the Move

Reliably deliver your messages to any destination without requiring you to maintain a variety of carrier relationships and connections.

Fun and Games

Get interactive. Send images, games, puzzles and other specialized content directly to customers’ mobile devices.

Sweet Charity

Get your customers to give, give, give without the hassle and inconvenience of messaging fees.

Locate Opportunities

Deliver promotional materials and information relative to your customer interest and preference in real time.

Order Up

Don’t make your customers want for timely order and shipment information. Provide immediate responses and keep them in the loop.

We’re Here

Handling inquiries, providing status updates and sharing service alerts are all ways your company can deliver superior customer service.


Now employees on the road can provide updates and share feedback, while your company communicates critical information in real time.


Customers with mobile-enabled OEM devices can receive initialization instructions, registration information, status updates and remote commands 24/7

Workforce Management

Boost your ROI by monitoring the field, analyzing the management and optimizing your POS resources.